Axial piston variable pump. A10VSO series All-purpose medium pressure pump; Size 18 ; Nominal pressure bar; Maximum pressure bar. Axial Piston Variable Pump. A10VSO. Data sheet. Series Sizes 18 to Nominal pressure bar. Maximum pressure bar. Open circuit. Features. Sizes 18 to ▷ Nominal pressure bar. ▷ Maximum pressure bar. ▷ Open circuit. Axial piston variable pump. A10VSO Series RE

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The one just to the right of the pressure cut off and LS compensators on the drawing. Basically it is the same as having an infinitely large orifice in the line of flow, the pump a10vvso never be able to deliver enough flow to reach the pressure differential that is set in the pump controller margin pressure.

When opening, the flow across the orifice increases, the pressure drop goes up, the LS compensator responds to the difference. Questions about any product. Vane Type Pump in Navi Mumbai. The A10VSO is designed for stationary applications such as tooling machines. By joining you are opting in to receive e-mail. However, it’s all relative to what the press is doing.

On mobile machines with LS system the pressure out to cylinder from a certain directional control a10vo is sometimes limited to a lower setting ppump some Caterpillar machines also maybe? So as the pump speed changes or the spool flow area changes, the pump will respond to hold the flow rate. The flow in the orifice on the T’ed of branch to the regulator does not represent the flow from the pump.

A10VSO Variable displacement pump power control It’s a load sensing pump and it senses the pressure difference across the, what looks to be, the 6.

Variable Displacement Pump A10VSO / A10VO – Makhoz Corporation, Navi Mumbai | ID:

If we can confirm the diameter of the orifice, we can calculate the pressure drop when the pump is at full stroke, then start to look at what flow area would be a10vsp through the proportional valve.


I cannot give any values for command signals etc Sorry but I beg to differ.

I agree with your explanation. Back to the original questions: You can see that the pump load sense compensator is looking at pressures on either pjmp of the orifice. The power control does what its name suggests. Now can you explain me just as A1vso did in the DRS control how this is happening with a proportional relief valve. However, in my experience, you are more likely to want to control the pressing force of a press electronically than you are its speed.

I agree to the terms and privacy policy. I agree that the load sense pump in the picture does not appear to be the same as the power limiting one on the circuit.

A10VSO Variable displacement pump power control – Fluid Power engineering – Eng-Tips

Table of Values Size You’ll agree once you understand how a load sensing pump works”. Like you say Adrian, there is most likely an orifice in the regulator itself but for this application it may have been removed. Yes, the valve can and does control the flow across the orifice. Could you give me details on this phenomenon? This cookie doesn’t save any personal Data about any shop client.

The operation noise is very low. The strategy of the pump controller is to always maintain that pressure.

A10VSO 18 DFR Pump

The delta pressure at the compensator will be the same as the pressure drop across the orifice. Sorry for such a late reply – just joined work again — was hospitalised.

Looking at the Parker PV pump pdf I posted, page 23, second figure from top, remote pressure compensator. It has two drainage ports on the housing, and superior suction performance.

The same principle is used on this system, there is a small proportional pressure relief valve on the LS line. I personally have nothing more to add, it looks like pjmp works in a particular way,,but I have bee doing this long enough to know that I could be completely wrong. However, such an orifice is always in the line of a10vsoo output flow from the pump. It is coupled with a 35 HP electric motor.


The point at which the pump flow rate will start to reduce is therefore determined by the setting of the proportional relief valve provided it is set lower than the load pressure. It’s a power limiting control with proportional adjustment of the maximum pressure as per my earlier post.

Download Now White Paper: In this case it is a hydraulic press, accurate pu,p of speed and position is not so important, the important thing is to control is pressure. Get in Touch with us Makhoz Pimp. Hello, You are right, the proportional valve 2 thus limits the maximum pressure force up to tons. The cookie lasts for 30 days. Nature of Business Manufacturer. The data are kept safe inside the back-office and serve solely as statistical data for improving our services and products.

The press manufacturer has simply adapted the control to make it more efficient and to allow a smaller motor. To change the pressure drop, the proportional valve opens to a10cso flow and pump responds accordingly to maintain flow.

The way pump pressure and a10vsp control systems work a10vao not similar, they are fundamentally different. Defense manufacturing is all about project manufacturing and project accounting. Either way, it gives constant power and below that power curve, the flow control is infinitely variable by controlling the current to the proportional valve. Jacc’s got it just about right. A10VSO Variable displacement pump power control You keep saying that the proportional relief valve is to limit the pressure.

As drawn the system gives Power, Pressure and Flow Control. Can OP post some better pictures please.