8202 E4C PDF

IBM E4C Power7 iSeries models have bit processors that offer 4- core, 6-core and 8-core configuration options; can have up to TB of internal. IBM iSeries E4C-EPC6 6-Core Power7 processor provides up to CPW, in a P05 software group, supports up to GB of memory and TB of. IBM iSeries E4C-EPC5 has a 4-Core Power7 processor with up to CPW, in a P05 software group, supports up to GB of memory and TB of.

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See Disk drive backplane.

Working with consoles, terminals, and interfaces for E4x processor-based systems Use this information to install, configure, change, and manage your consoles, interfaces, and terminals. PCIe x8 G2 slot 4. Troubleshooting, service, and support for POWER7 processor-based systems Use this information to diagnose and fix any problems that might occur with your system.


Memory card 3 – DIMM 3. See System processor module. Memory card 4 – DIMM 5. Memory card 1 – DIMM 3.

E4C (IBM Power Express)

Memory card 2 – DIMM 4. Memory card 1 – DIMM 4. Memory card 4ec – DIMM 5. Memory card 2 – DIMM 5.

PCIe x8 G2 slot 2. Memory card 3 – DIMM 2. PCIe x8 G2 slot 5. Memory card 1 – DIMM 6.

Memory card 1 – DIMM 1. System overview for POWER7 processor-based systems This general overview information includes license agreements, warranty, safety notices, and server specifications about your system. Wed, February 21, The following table provides location codes for parts that comprise the server. e4cc

E4C, E4D, E6C, or E6D locations

Memory card 1 – DIMM 8. Memory card 3 – DIMM 1.

See Voltage regulator module. Memory card 3 – DIMM 7. Battery on RAID and cache storage 4ec. Send feedback Rate this page Last updated: Memory card 1 – DIMM 7.

Subscribe to this information. Memory card 2 – DIMM 3. PCIe x8 G2 slot 3. Memory card 4 – DIMM 7.


IBM iSeries 8202-E4C-EPC6 Power7 6-Core 34900 CPW P10

Control panel – USB port. Working with operating systems and software applications for POWER7 processor-based systems Use this information to learn about installing, configuring, and managing s4c systems and software applications on your system. Use this information to help you map a location code to a position on the unit. PCIe expansion feature – Fan 2.

Memory card 4 – DIMM 4. Wed, February 18, Use this information to find the system overview and the planning, installing, removing, replacing, configuring, and 822 procedures. Memory card 2 – DIMM 7. Memory card 2 – DIMM 8. Planning for the system Proper planning helps you place your server and identify the unique needs for your server.